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Hi I'm Shar Lobsinger, the lead singer of Steel Pony Band.  I'm from West Palm Beach. I have been singing for 19 years. I have a concierge business in Palm Beach.  I'm always on the go.   I'm a little country and a little Rock and Roll. I love people and love what I'm doing with this band.

I sing a varity of music including Rock (Led Zep, Def Leopard, Janis, Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, Fleetwood Mac, Guns & Roses, Journey, Creedence, Queen, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, etc).

I love Country (Sugarland, Dixie Chicks, Gretchen Wilson, Carrie Underwood, Martina Mcbride, etc.)

I have been blessed with the perfect musicians that make me look and feel good. I've known Patrick and Tim for about 10 years now.  They are the heart beat of the Steel Pony. Patrick is great at multi-tasking by singing, drumming and playing keyboards at the same time.  Tim never fails to cook up a mean bass when needed. He is such a great chef and loves to cook with the crowd.   Bart added the soul and is a real crowd pleaser. When he puts his back to the bar, he really puts his back on the bar and his sax will scream giving you chills. He also plays keyboards.   Hats off to Brian for his hard work and dedication. He was a much needed member to make our band an awesome ride. He knows so many songs.   And our new singer, John, is working out as he steals the dance floor or makes a new one on the other side of the bar. Thanks "Men of Steel," for the heart and soul you put into this band.

I enjoy meeting new people.  I hope to see you all soon.  See you in the crowd. - Shar


Well, it all started when my twin brother, Michael and I went to the fair in 1966 and watch our older set of twin brothers, John and Jim rock out on stage.  So when we got home I made a guitar out of wood and rubber bands and Michael banged on the cardboard boxes for drums.  Years later we finally got a real guitar and drums.  One day, my brother wanted to switch, so he grabbed my guitar and I sat at the drums and "Bam"  we clicked.  We had the wrong instruments the whole time. We never switched back.  (We found out that Van Halen brothers did the same thing).   Well, I've been in several bands but Steel Pony Band has been the longest thrill. 

I'm a native of Fla. I work for Palm Beach County Fire Rescue. I have four children. 

  Since I was a boy, music & cooking have always been my passions. When I was 25 (and I thought too old to learn something new) I bought a bass rig and starting doing my "do-re-mi's". It sparked my enthusiasm and I was hooked. Then one night in the late 80's I saw this great band, Strummin' & Drummin', that didn't have a bass player!!!! I said to myself "I GOTTA play with these guys"!  Pat and I became friends when we formed Tropical Storm with Jimi Debo, and continued to play together on and off for years. We got his brother, Mike, to come up and jam with us one night at Boston's On The Beach and it was just TOO good to pass up. We formed MPT Pockets, which caught Shar's attention and she, Pat & I haven't stopped rockin' together since.  Carol Taylor  joined us on stage  for "Walkin' On Sunshine" 5 years ago, and Steel Pony was born. We practiced religiously and on April 30th, 2005, we played our first paid gig. With each new guitar player, we grew and learned and got tighter and better. Brian joined us in April '08 and brought with him a talent, personality and style that has made this the best band I've ever been in. Every night I play with this band, it's SOLID JOY!


I grew  up in New York City and was influenced mainly by classic rock, particularly the great British guitar legends of the 70’s, with a hint of Southern Rock and Heavy Metal mixed in. After playing for a number of years in the Long Island rock scene, I made my way to South Florida and have been playing with a number of classic rock and party bands in the Broward/Palm Beach club scene. I am well known in the Florida utility business and have performed at a number of major industry conference events in West Palm Beach, Orlando and Tampa. I have a teenage son who can really tear up Guitar Hero and Rock Band. I joined the Steel Pony Band just over a year ago.


Hey there all you SP fans! I am the Bartman, live and in living color! From the moment I heard "Jungleland" off Springsteen's Born to Run album, I knew I had to play R&R saxophone. Stemming from the shores of NJ, it was only fitting to let all bands know,"guitar players are a dime a dozen, it's sax players that are hard to find"

I caught the band buzz starting in my fathers group "The Craftsmen" and never looked back. He taught me the basics and "the standards" that all musicians should know, and it paid off in spades! After getting into a few horn bands playing NJ, NY, CT and PA in the early 80's and 90's, I decided to expand my horizons and move to FL in 2001. It wasn't long before I started playing with the top notch talent in PBC, including RIptide, Mighty Quinn, Riverdown, and of course The Pony. Always trying to take it one step further, "it doesn't matter what you sound like, as long as you look good doing it"

Hi my name is John Justice Parker. I have been involved in Entertainment since age 8 and now I'm bloody 23! I attended BAK Middle School of the Arts and Dreyfoos High School of the Arts majoring in Theater. Theater and Film have been my main focus, but I've always loved singing. My father Corvin introduced me to Karaoke when I was 11 and in 2006 I met SHAR at a contest. She and I became friends and entered into various Karaoke contests and in 2008 I joined her  to help lead Steel Pony Band.  It's been a constant thrill ride ever since!
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